La Tavola Marche!

Apecchio is in the heart of truffle country.  Every year,  on the last weekend in September, the entire town comes alive with food, wine and music, all celebrating the Truffle Experience — the logo!!  For three days, people come from all over Europe to join in the fun.

You will experience restaurants serving shaved truffles on pasta, truffle flavored cheeses, truffles in salads and pate.  Truffle everything, in dozens of different incarnations.  Visitors roam through the historic center of town, buying cups of wine for a Euro and savoring paper cups of chestnuts, roasting on fires next to the wine vendors.

And — you should remember that Chi Paolotti sits on 40 hectares of the best truffle hunting dsc_0019ground in Italy !

The Centro Historico is full of windy, cobbled streets and its old church is a marvel of light and shadow.  Photographs of this location show the age of the town, first built to fend off invaders, aitalian-food-excellence-trufflesnd now a bright and open town with restaurants that can match anything in Italy.  Greco’s Pizzeria is in the heart of town, and offers every type of pizza you can imagine — ask Cristian, the proprietor, for the vegetarian special, covered in freshly picked basil and tomatoes, eggplant and garlic.  Or try the salami picante and funghi fresci pizza, a local favorite.  After dinner, wander down to Bar Sport or Bar Dante, for ice cream or an apertif.  And down the road to the east is Guido’s, a tiny bar that serves “cena tipica,” with homemade breads, cheeses and meats, along with local wines and limoncello, that will have your taste buds begging to eat there every night.  Make sure you dip your pecorino cheese in honey, which is the local custom.  This local specialty is a sheep’s milk cheese, cured in the caves to the north of town.italian-food-excellence-truffles-black

Every Friday in the heart of Apecchio is an open air market, which always includes locally-grown produce, and locally-made cheeses and meats.  Stop in for a taste.

Ten minutes away in Aquapartita is a restaurant run by the Martinelli family.  Make your reservations, because this place is so famous that their summer weekends are often booked months in advance.  Or wander six kilometers to the east to lovely Piobicco, which has several top notch eateries.

Eating in Italy is always a treat, but Apecchio has a special fondness for making visitors welcome, with the best of food and wine in the country.